About Us

Realty Portland is a team of full-time professional brokers who are hyper-focused on making our clients happy. We think clients are best served by brokers who specialize in certain property types and neighborhoods, rather than "Jack of all trades" agents who boast they can sell you anything, anywhere.  We want our clients who are interested in a Mid-Century Modern homes to work with a broker who knows where they are, what they are and what makes them significant.  If our clients are interested in a high-rise condo in the Pearl, we want them working with a broker who can tell you every feature of every building, and the pros and cons of each.  By assembling that team here in Portland we feel we provide superior service, and that we make buying or selling a home as rewarding and drama-free as possible.

Realty Portland was also founded on the principal that as Realtors we have an inherent duty to make Portland the best it can be. All our agents make giving back and civic duty a priority in their business and private lives.